What We Do

Welcome to Widiaspora.com

On this site, you may not find the latest gossip or dance move from Kingston. There are a lot of other sites that already do a great job in those areas. Missing is a serious a site that advocates, educates and facilitates economic and social advancement in our diaspora communities.  WI, however, is dedicated to dealing the most pressing issues facing Jamaican diaspora communities around the Globe: career, business, immigration, money, and even long-distance love and relationships.

WI takes a factual and no-nonsense approach to dealing with those core issues unique to our communities


Together we represent the greatest number of Jamaicans outside of Jamaica in the world; the largest average spending power and education. Yet, we get no respect. Placated by local positions and those from Jamaican, we are only remembered when someone needs our money or vote. Together we will advocate for representation. We will demand that our elected officials both home and in Jamaica support our issues.


Everyone loves a great story. The problem is when stories are repeated many times, over time they become known “facts”. Unfortunately, serious decisions about, business career, and other life issues cannot be made successfully based on rumors and beliefs. WI is dedicated to the rigorous investigation and presentation of factual information, good or bad, to help members of or community make critical life decisions.

Business Association

We need to promote and develop our own business; as in any capitalist society, strong striving businesses remain the cornerstone of economic development. We need to do businesses with our people, hire our own people and support our people, while at the same time holding them accountable to high standards. WI not only provide the platform for businesses to engage customers but also constructive dialog to make us stronger, together.

Our diversity is simultaneously our greatest strength and weakness. It’s because of our diversity that a small island could have given so much to the world. But the differences amongst us has stifled our ability to capitalize on our strengths. We hope to bring people together whether you are Jango from the maggoty or Stacy-ann from Ligunea. We have lot’s of work to do, and too much is at stake.

We know how to party and have fun together. Even CNN rated us as the top three coolest people on the planet. Let’s at least try to get together for economic and social advancement.

CW, Editor